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Cornell University | Certificate | 2020

The Marketing Analytics certificate program taught me the essential methods of marketing research using data, as well as the analytical tools to measure the effectiveness and efficiency of digital advertising campaigns.

The highlights of my studies in this professional development program include analyzing segments and targeting, conjoint analysis to understand customer preferences, and using data to optimize product positioning. With this certificate, I look to focus my career into a path of driving growth using customer behavior analytics and work in a product marketing role.


Bachelor of Science | 2014-2019

The Digital Media Studies program was designed to give undergraduate students a foundation in digital media forms and the understanding of how they are transforming the media and mass communications industries in the 21st Century.

In this program, I studied Visual Design, Social Media and Globalization, Multimedia Production, Principles of Public Relations, Writing Fundamentals and Digital Theories.


Bachelor of Arts | 2017-2019

The sociology program educates students in the scientific study of social life. Sociologists confront real-world problems such as the effects on social life resulting from corporate downsizing, the growth of web-based and mobile technologies, or urban blight and gentrification. Students acquire a global perspective and valuable skills including social survey techniques, ethnography, social statistical sampling methods, computerized social data analysis, and computer-based mapping of social phenomena.

In this program, I studied Intercultural Communications, Cultural Geography, Statistics and Research, Gender Sociology and Social Theory. 



Every undergraduate course and campus activity that is part of Global Learning for Global Citizenship empowers students to achieve the following learning outcomes.

Under this umbrella, I took Intercultural Communications, Communication in Film, Myth Ritual and Mysticism, Intro to Sociology, Contemporary International Problems, and World Civilization.


FIU Global Learning

The Tuesday Times Roundtable (TTR) is FIU’s weekly series of moderated conversations on The New York Times articles from the multiple viewpoints of students, faculty, and staff.

One of my favorite TTR sessions was with Anna Ettienne, Director of StartUP FIU Food, who facilitated a discussion on entrepreneurship in the United States and its economic impacts to local communities. From this session, I was able to connect with the StartUP FIU Food team and land my internship with the on-campus incubator working with the Food team as a marketing consultant.

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