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My experiences abroad



In Indonesia, I participated in a Social Entrepreneurship project with the village of Pagerwangi. Our work focused on training the villagers how to make and package their local crop, Cassava, into a tasty chip product. From the money we raised, our team used the funds to help paint their village and provide them with items such as trash cans and a play area for children.



During my time in Egypt, I worked in Cairo with the local AIESEC committee of GUC (German University of Cairo) with their marketing team. I helped with field marketing strategies as well as member training for future leadership turn-around.



My project in Bulgaria focused on teaching high-school students about the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Our cohort of 30 was divided into 4 cities, I was trained by the UNA in the capital, Sofia, and then later sent to Varna with 3 other teammates from Hong Kong, Mexico and Canada to create engaging lesson plans on how the SDGs can impact their local community.

Global Engagement: Services
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