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My time spent at FIU has been nothing short of remarkable. In 4.5 short years, I was able to live in 5 different cities, working on projects that are greater than myself. As a freshman I knew I wanted to challenge myself, and graduate proud of who I’ve become -- the experience I was able to have in my undergraduate career has shaped that vision I had back when I was 18 and now, as a 23-year-old graduate, I am ready for the next chapter of my life and what the future holds.

Some of my greatest developments have been the following:

  • Global Perspective: I have been able to experience cultures from almost every continent in the world. With that being said, the individuals I have met have not only touched my life, but imprinted a new way of looking at the present. I have been able to bring the quality of taking others’ points of view and assumptions into consideration when making decisions. With a country as diverse as the United States, this is a quality that is not only important but necessary both personally and professionally.​

  • Global Awareness: My interest in understanding the world was sprouted as a senior in high school. I had a very impactful World Geography teacher that made the class an engaging and relevant experience. It wasn’t just about reading textbooks, but making the world simpler to understand for us. Going into my undergraduate career, I knew this curiosity needed to be fulfilled, and so I made sure that I wasn’t limiting myself to fear. My travels and passion for peace had taught me not just what is going on in the world, but how it is all interconnected. As Americans, we sometimes don’t realize how every decision we make affects something larger and foreign to us, and with mindfulness and lifelong education, we can learn to make more informed decisions about what we engage ourselves with.

  • Global Engagement: With all the projects I have done abroad, I have learned that problem solving and engaging with intercultural solutions isn’t limited to traveling across borders. Global engagement can even happen in our very own communities, such as helping to integrate refugees, engaging with International Students and professionals, being a part of nonprofit organizations or businesses that work for social impact. My love for this open and accepting community is endless and I will continue to find involvement and service for impactful ventures that solve complex problems.

After graduation, I plan to move to New York City to build a career around product marketing and analysis. Personally, I plan to find organizations that hold global solutions values close to heart that I can be a part of. Academically, I plan to pursue a remote online Masters Degree focusing on Information Systems after a few years of working in the field. Professionally, I plan to build my skills in growth strategy, creative user experiences, and analysis to one day build my own product in mission of solving one of the Sustainable Development Goals presented by the United Nations.

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